FG La Pasta

FG La Pasta was founded by Mr. Fabio Gulmini and his wife Iole in 1975. It opened its doors to the public that very same year. It is today, one of the leading Pasta Manufacturers in South Africa.

Over the years, pasta grew in popularity. This is attributed to Pasta’s health and culinary benefits. Healthy goodness, culinary versatility and affordability, have made it one of the most popular foods in Europe and the world.
All our Pasta products are made using quality ingredients. Our Durum Wheat is imported, and not genetically modified. Our products are also free from preservatives and colorants.

We offer a variety of Pasta shapes namely Fettuccine, Tagliolini and Fresh Spaghetti. Short dry noodles, macaroni, minishells and pasta rice, which are all ideal for soups or pasta salads.

To accompany our pastas, we have a delectable variety of sauces, these vary from our traditional Bolognese sauce, tomato based Neapolitan sauce, spicy Arrabbiata, and Pesto Sauce. For those with a more delicate palate, we offer a selection of cheese sauces, Alfredo and Aurora sauce.

Passion, tradition and years of knowledge form the foundation of our exciting and delicious prepared meals.
Lasagna Bolognese, Lasagna Vegetarian, Cannelloni, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tortellini Alfredo, to name but a few of our freshly prepared options.

All you need to do is heat, eat and enjoy!
We at FG La Pasta invite you to rediscover the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, secure in the knowledge that all our ingredients are wholesome.
Sit back and enjoy...

FG La Pasta is also Halaal Certified.